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Turkish People


Oyun Türü: Telefon MMORPG
Oyunun Wap Sitesi: Lordmancer
Oyun Tabanı: Telefon

Çevrilmiş hali: Google çeviri

How It All Began

Walking around old town districts, one can see a lot of timeworn, deserted houses there. Very few people venture inside. But this story began one day when my friends and I decided to go in and explore one of those abandoned houses. We thought there was something intriguing about it.

We stepped into the yard and started moving towards the front door, maneuvering between trash piles. We pushed the door—it swung open and we entered. What we saw was a completely devastated interior. There were several cheap pictures hanging crookedly on the walls. The furniture was really old, not antique, just decrepit. Carpets and curtains could be a nice decoration for some junkyard. We saw many candles saw on the shelves; windowsills covered with frozen-in-time icicles of molten wax; black soot all over the ceiling and walls. We walked across dark, gloomy rooms and saw the same devastation everywhere, felt the same nasty smell of dust and decay. We went up the creaking stairs in half dark, and saw another room, a rather big one, filled with wood furniture, dry-rot and crumbling.

Old Carpet

As we approached the back of the room, we saw an old, shabby carpet, a tapestry of sorts, hanging on the wall. How old—yet how beautiful it was! With the passage of time its bright colors grew paler—scarlet turned into light-pink, teal became light-blue—but the carpet still stunned us. Every inch of it, even its edges, were studded with different fancy patterns. And every detail was so distinct that we could clearly see all of them. In one place several of the patterns peacefully merged together; in another, it seemed they fought to push each other into the background. Some patterns have settled on the carpet's edges, others crowded right in the middle. Different-color ribbons that intermingled against the brown and green background reminded one of pictures of animals and plants. There was a big medallion in the middle of the carpet. Its bright colors flashed. It was speckled with hundreds of geometrical figures that formed chaos and order at the same time—as though math and poetry finally met. Then suddenly we felt as if all that was surrounding us—the house, the wall, the floor we stood on—disappeared and dissolved. We found ourselves hovering in the air as the carpet began unrolling below us.

Mysterious World

Was it still an old carpet? No one could be sure. Its ancient tassels began wobbling, vibrating, as if they were about to undo, while the patterns became wavy and started changing colors. The carpet, this ancient rug was becoming alive. The fabric was turning into a landscape—no, a row of landscapes, to be exact. Isn't it a mountain behind the clouds down there? Isn't that a river? Can you hear the roar of its waves crashing down in a sparkling waterfall?

There was a whole world below us. Our hearts were pounding; with every heartbeat we seemed to discover more and new details. There, you see, a blue round lake with elongated grey islands--they look like sleeping whales. Here, look, squares of cornfields, swaying gently in the wind. A hill covered with trees has a watchtower on top. There were signs of human presence, but we didn't see a single person in that strange world. There were scattered houses in the bend of a river and some more at the very edge of a cliff. There was even a town: a maze of tangled streets and dead-ends—an architect's nightmare. The same confusion was everywhere. Plateaus and hills, fertile lands and wastelands, changed and flowed one into another ignoring all laws of nature, as if they were created by some crazy deity.

The Source of Life

We decided to descend into the world and maybe take a walk through those endless landscapes. Isn't it exciting when you have no idea what you will see as you turn round the next corner? Living in a world like this must be like a never-ending adventure. This is how we turned out to be in Quiltlands looking for adventures.

Nights followed days, days succeeded nights. We spent a few months in that world. We met people and creatures living there and learnt numerous legends about it. Thousands of years ago wizards of several races tried to make a world they could live in together. No one remembers who its creator was. The carpet was woven from the threads of magic energy. But nothing in this world--even magic energy--lasts forever. As time went by, the magic threads grew thinner, and the world fabric started falling apart into separate layers of reality.

The Source of Life, hidden in the center of the world—in the magic carpet's medallion, was placed there by the ancient wizards who created the carpet. Thousands of years later the Source's power weakened and the world began collapsing. Oblivion erodes reality, swallows towns, destroys mountains, reverses river streams and turns them into bogs. We must find the Source of Life and discover how we can breathe energy into it. Otherwise, this world could be doomed...




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